5 Simple Statements About Edelweiss Estates homes for sale Explained

Electrology (n.) That department of physical science which treats from the phenomena of electrical power and its Attributes.

Eparterial (a.) Situated upon or above an artery; -- used esp. to your branches of your bronchi given off over the point in which the pulmonary artery crosses the bronchus.

Energetics (n.) That branch of science which treats on the rules governing the physical or mechanical, in difference from your vital, forces, and which comprehends the thought and common investigation of The full number of the forces anxious in Actual physical phenomena.

Epoch (n.) A set place of time, recognized in heritage through the event of some grand or remarkable celebration; a point of time marked by an event of great subsequent influence; as, the epoch of your generation; the beginning of Christ was the epoch which gave increase to the Christian era.

Episcopalian (n.) A person who belongs to an episcopal church, or adheres on the episcopal form of church government and willpower; a churchman; specially, in The usa, a member of your Protestant Episcopal Church.

Empire (n.) The dominion of an emperor; the territory or nations under the jurisdiction and dominion of an emperor (not often of a king), normally of larger extent than the usual kingdom, generally comprising a range inside the nationality of, or maybe the kinds of administration in, constituent and subordinate parts; as, the Austrian empire.

Egophony (n.) The sound of a individual's voice so modified regarding resemble the try this bleating of a goat, read on applying the ear to your upper body in particular conditions in its cavity, as in pleurisy with effusion.

Epiphragm (n.) A membranaceous or calcareous septum with which some mollusks shut the aperture in the shell in the time of hibernation, or aestivation.

Emit (v. t.) To mail forth; to throw or give out; to trigger to concern; to present vent to; to eject; to discharge; as, hearth emits warmth and smoke; boiling water emits steam; the Solar emits mild.

Endowment (n.) That which can be given or bestowed upon the individual or thoughts; gift of character; accomplishment; pure capacity; talents; -- commonly in the plural.

Epilogue (n.) A speech or small poem addressed into the spectators and recited by among the actors, following the summary of the Perform.

Epic (a.) Narrated in a grand type; pertaining to or designating a form of narrative poem, commonly called an heroic poem, wherein real or fictitious events, ordinarily the achievements of some hero, are narrated within an elevated style.

Pleasure (n.) The situation of making the most of just about anything; satisfaction or satisfaction, as from the possession or occupancy of anything at all; possession and use; as, the enjoyment of an estate.

Enharmonical (a.) Pertaining to a scale of excellent intonation which recognizes all of the notes and intervals that outcome from the exact tuning of diatonic scales and their transposition into other keys.


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